Welcome to Coselig Technology

Doing Amazing Things

Estalished in September, 2011, Coselig Technology Corporation (CTC), a pioneer of LED lighting fixture designer, has applied innovative technologies to develop fantastic LED luminaires embedded with the cutting edge. In accordance with consumer opinions and user experiences, CTC works daily to find pragmatic, durable and eco-friendly ways to come up with the performance-minded lighting solutions.

It Will Never Be The Same

The value of any design derives from how well it matches the actual realizations of future demands. An uncertain future provides both opportunities and risks. CTC pays high attention to user's feelings toward products. CTC engineers flexibility into LED luminaire products and provides customers with optional luminaire dimensions, distinguished lighting apertures, differentiated outward visions, and varied fixture mounting kits, etc. Customers select the best into the products on the basis of innovation, emotion, art, and usability. CTC believes that a good luminaire not only lights up the room, but also affects the visual image. The alternative flexible design creates products that efficiently continue to fulfill actual needs and preferences in the right place.